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From the cashew tree bark, a water clarifying agent

A new formulation for coagulant can be used to remove dirt in swimming pool water, dams and rivers

Ceramic pigments

New technique for use in ceramics, cosmetics and paints gets a patent

Quantum breakthrough

Quantum physics study systems close to or below the atomic scale

Lights along the tunnel

Discovery of genes related to Alzheimer’s help to understand the disease

To sift, but not with any sieve

New technology created at UFRN is applied to improve petroleum refining

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Welcome to UFRN

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte is a public educational institution, among the 10 largest universities in Brazil. On our site, you can find information about our undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral programs, our structure for teaching and research, and services offered to the international community.



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Teaching, Research & Outreach

January 25, 2022

The Entomology Lab celebrates its 15th anniversary

Conducting teaching, research and community outreach, Labent recalls its history


October 22, 2021

Manipulating atomic structures

A study conducted at UFRN’s labs offers new nanotechnology solutions


October 8, 2021

UFRN at the top

UFRN is the country’s educational institution with the largest number of computer program registrations in 2020


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UFRN’s International Relations Office consists of a structure of coordination, supervision and operational support to the development of internationalization initiatives of teaching, research and community service, particularly in the context of academic cooperation and mobility.