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The birth of stars

Discovering the age of stars is key to better understanding them

Work and inequality

Racial and gender discrimination remain evident in work environments in the Northeast of Brazil


Software classifies immunotherapies and helps identify the best one against cancer

Losing control

Research analyzes the relationship between traffic accidents and alcohol consumption in the state of Rio Grande do Norte

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Welcome to UFRN

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte is a public educational institution, among the 10 largest universities in Brazil. On our site, you can find information about our undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral programs, our structure for teaching and research, and services offered to the international community.



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December 28, 2022

Sandwich degree

Student mobility offers opportunity across borders

Community outreach

September 8, 2022

Fertility and human reproduction

Academic league popularizes knowledge on Assisted Human Reproduction

Teaching, Research & Outreach

January 25, 2022

The Entomology Lab celebrates its 15th anniversary

Conducting teaching, research and community outreach, Labent recalls its history


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UFRN’s International Relations Office consists of a structure of coordination, supervision and operational support to the development of internationalization initiatives of teaching, research and community service, particularly in the context of academic cooperation and mobility.