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Unraveling the quantum information

Research obtains funding for advancing in a discovery that benefits several areas

RN faces sporotrichosis outbreak

Usually transmitted by cats, this fungal disease already affects more than 130 people, with one confirmed death

Biotechnology in the Microbial universe

Research studies use of microorganisms for pollutant degradation

Strong foundation

Studies suggest benefits of Integrative Neuromuscular Training in young athletes

Equipment expands accuracy for the search of planets outside the Solar System

The project carried out in collaboration with UFRN represents a milestone in the race to discover and learn of more Earth-like planets

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Welcome to UFRN

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte is a public educational institution, among the 10 largest universities in Brazil. On our site, you can find information about our undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral programs, our structure for teaching and research, and services offered to the international community.



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March 16, 2020

The richness of the Rio Grande do Norte’s soil’s residue for civil construction

Research suggests the use of new materials as an alternative for the industry and an environmental hope


March 16, 2020

Anti-inflammatory gel made with plants from Caatinga

In addition to the use in humans, the new medicine produced by UFRN can be used in the veterinary treatment of horses, cattle and goats


February 20, 2020

Music changing lives

The Project “Tocando a Vida com D’Amore” contributes to promote music education in two NGOs in Natal


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UFRN’s International Relations Office consists of a structure of coordination, supervision and operational support to the development of internationalization initiatives of teaching, research and community service, particularly in the context of academic cooperation and mobility.