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Water repellent

New technology patented by UFRN transforms materials’ characteristics

Will you want some plaster?

New technology developed by UFRN-based researchers has economic, energy and environmental advantages for the oil sector

Customized training

Device patented at UFRN allows for the improvement of the training of students in the health area

Beyond transitioning

One of the winners of the CAPES Theses Award studies the ethnography of life policies in the social field of trans health

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Welcome to UFRN

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte is a public educational institution, among the 10 largest universities in Brazil. On our site, you can find information about our undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral programs, our structure for teaching and research, and services offered to the international community.



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October 22, 2021

Manipulating atomic structures

A study conducted at UFRN’s labs offers new nanotechnology solutions


October 8, 2021

UFRN at the top

UFRN is the country’s educational institution with the largest number of computer program registrations in 2020


September 23, 2021

Objective formulation

New technology results in a less toxic herbicide


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UFRN’s International Relations Office consists of a structure of coordination, supervision and operational support to the development of internationalization initiatives of teaching, research and community service, particularly in the context of academic cooperation and mobility.